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I am a generalist writer and editor with 17 years of experience producing various types of written material from an original point of view. Thanks to my background as a legal analyst and litigator, I am at my best when breaking down complex issues and ideas into an easy-to-digest format. I use precise, vivid language--with or without visual images--to convey exactly what you want your audience to know and feel. I am passionate about my motto: “Nothing is inexpressible.” A lifetime of reading and writing all kinds of material such as biography, fiction, academic writing, correspondence, legal documents, web copy, feature articles, news and analysis have given me the versatility and confidence to find the right vehicle for your platform and audience. If you need conservative copy that stays within the lines, I can do that; but if you need to shake things up with some out-of-the-box thinking, then I’m your scribe, too.

KS Dunlap

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